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    Good news| HEEE won the bid of Shanghai Bioenergy Reuse phase II of low-concentration anaerobic digestion system project
    Source:       Release Date:2021-01-06

            As the largest wet waste recycling facility in Shanghai, the Shanghai Bioenergy Reuse Project is a major municipal-level livelihood project and a guarantee facility for the entire classification of domestic waste in Shanghai. It also promotes waste classification and realizes recycling of domestic waste, and an important measure of reduction and harmless treatment.


            The phase II of the Shanghai Bioenergy Reuse Project is located in Laogang Town, Pudong New Area. The eastern and southern borders are the existing forest land, the western border is the diversion channel road, and the northern border is the first phase of bioenergy reuse project. This project is invested and constructed by Shanghai Laogang Solid Waste Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., and the EPC project is undertaken by Shanghai Municipal General Administration and Shanghai Construction Engineering Fourth Construction Group. The processing capacity is 1500 tons/day, including 900 tons of food waste/day and 600 tons/day of kitchen waste. After completion, the whole capacity of wet waste treatment at Laogang area will be reached to 2500 tons/day, which will greatly increase the wet waste treatment capacity in Shanghai and provide facilities for the entire classification and disposal of domestic waste in Shanghai.

    Figure | Shanghai Bioenergy Reuse Project Effect Picture

            This time, HEEE successfully won the bid of Shanghai bioenergy reuse project  second phase general contract for low concentration anaerobic digestion system equipment procurement and associated services, It is the second cooperation with Shanghai Municipal Engineering Institute after the first phase of Shanghai bioenergy reuse project (EPC project undertaken by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Institute and biogas purification and storage system provided by HEEE). HEEE will use the "pretreatment + anaerobic digestion" process to treat wet waste throughout the entire process, so as to realize the recycling and harmlessness of kitchen waste and kitchen waste. The project includes 8 anaerobic digestion tanks, each tank with an effective volume of 9,200 cubic meters, and the designed processing capacity is 1,600 tons/day of the pretreatment slurry of kitchen waste and kitchen waste (solid content rate ≤ 15%). The total biogas output can reach to 146,880 cubic meters per day.

    Figure | Shanghai Bioenergy Reuse Project Phase II Anaerobic Digester Project Effect Picture (Scan the code to view the BIM model)

            Next, HEEE will set up the best team and do its best to actively cooperate with the Shanghai Municipal General Hospital to build the second phase of the project into a high-quality project in the wet waste treatment field.

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