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    HEEE·I Can |A Chronicle of Hangzhou HEEE’s 2020 Exciting Team Building Activities
    Source:       Release Date:2020-10-21

            On October 16, with autumn in full swing, the HEEE family took a bus to Anji, Huzhou, where a day of team activities full of challenges was awaiting everyone.

      PART 01 The Modern Rural Development Experience  Understand the TwoMountains Theory


            The first stop was the Yu Village of Huzhou Anji County, where we were shown the village’s architectures and sceneries as we listened to our guide who shared about the new story of the "Two Mountains Theory". In Yu Village, we saw how a beautiful countryside construction has become a reality, a mini replica of a beautiful China.



             PART 02 Fun Team Building Activities Bring Everyone Closer to Each Other.


    In the afternoon, the HEEE team gathered at Anji County Stadium to participate in team warm-up games under the guidance of a coach, drawing much laughter amongst us and bringing each one closer to one another during the process. We were then divided into groups to come up with our own team names and slogans. Everyone was wreaking our brains to come up with creative ideas to contribute to our teams.

    Warm Up Exercises


    Each group came up with fancy styles and characters.

            After each team’s presentation, the "HEEE - I Can" outreach activities officially began! Everyone started grafting and transplanting plants, motivating and encouraging each other to work together, emitting positive energy. The ability to complete each task constantly tested the rapport between the members of each team and their ability to work as a team.

    Grafting and Transplanting





    Together with One Goal in Our Hearts



     Emitting Positive Energy



    Battlefield Soldiers



     Team Building Activities Snapshots

    PART 03Plunging into the Grasslands and Blue Skyes to Challenge Oneself


            For the second stop, everyone came to the grasslands with blue skies to experience the Cliff Swing, Ferrata, beautiful parks and other amazing venues. The HEEE team had a chance to challeneg themselves in nature enjoying the amazing scenery!



             Through this two-day team building initiative, we not only gained lots of fun and joy, but our bonds with one another were strengthened and the team cohesion is stronger. To reach the goals, team collaboration and determination by each and every team member were essentially vital.

            With a strong esprit de corps, the HEEE team is going to be a formidable team at work – constantly challenging themselves and team members, persistently looking for innovative solutions for an ever evolving business landscape, ensuring that the company maintains its position as an industry leader.

     Group photo

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