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    The Exciting Launch of HEEE Solutions at the 11th Dairy Conference of China
    Source:       Release Date:2020-10-21

        The 11th Dairy Conference of China and China Dairy Exhibition 2020, which lasted for three days, was successfully held at the Shijiazhuang International Exhibition Center from 11th-13th October 2020. HEEE solutions for wastewater treatment and sewage treatment of cow manure, byproducts from the processing of dairy products, attracted immense attention from the visitors and major industry players.attracted immense attention from the visitors and major industry players.

     Understanding the Solutions by Visitors 


     HEEE Solutions Attract Intense Attention

              Amongst the numerous exhibitors, HEEE who is the leading China domestic expert and resource solutions provider for organic wastes processing, also actively participated in the  event. Through onsite video and and light boxes, the company fully demonstrated its state of the art dairy production wastewater treatment, cutting-edge technology for single point centralized treatment of cow manure pollutionand centralized treatment of cow manure sewage area as well as standard case studies of cow manure recycling, , which attracted a lot of visitors and industry experts who stopped to understand and asked for consultion to know what are the available technologies.

     Visitors to the exhibition stop to understand


    Wastewater Treatment Solution for Diary Production

                Taking Shandong Pingyi’s Adopt a Dairy Wastewater Treatment Program as an example, AO technology was adopted to ensure that during diary production, the treated wastewater reached theeffluent quality standard CODCr30mg/L. , Other indicators adhered to the “Municipal Standards for Pollutant Discharge of Wastewater Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002) Level Afulfilling the environmental protection standard.

    Single-Point Centralized Cattle Manure Treatment Programme

           Taking the cattle manure biogas projects of China Youran Dairy Holding Limited in Pingyin County and Kanghong Livestock Husbandry in Hebei as examples, multi-stage hydrolysis sand removal process uses biological bedding instead of traditional bedding to reduce farm breeding costs. In addition, the biogas that is generated as a byproduct provides energy not only to generate electricity consumed by the biogas station itself but can also be used for usual farm utilities or be connected to the grid for sale.

    Regional Centralized Cattle Manure Treatment Program

              The biogas projects in Shunfeng Erhai, Yunnan province and the Hutubi Cattle Farm of CGN, which is a 22,000 square-meter project , both utilize the multi-stage hydrolysis sand removal process to purify the by-product biogas  into a product that can be used as vehicle engine gas or incorporated into the local gas supply network.

      Cow Manure Recyling Model

              HEEE takes biogas as the core, turning breeding excrement into gold, transforming it into energy and resources used forbreeding, to optimize the breeding model and reduce breeding cost.

    Consultation and Discussions with Leading Industry Experts


    Excellent Team, Excellent Presentation

              At the onstart of the exhibition,  the team from HEEE  was full of enthusiasm and high spirit, actively sharing biogas engineering technology, dairy production wastewater treatment technology and cow manure sewage treatment technology with visitors and other exhibitors. They also patiently explained the various technologies and products from the company as well as  advanced environmental protection concepts of the company.

    Presentation of Organic Waste Treatment Solutions      

        The 11th Dairy Conference of China & 2020 China Dairy Exhibition ended successfully, but HEEE will continue to innovate on the road of environmental protection.. Never forgetting its true intention, and with its mission in mind, HEEE will continue to strive on new technologies innovation in the field of environmental protection for China.

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