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    Visit to Hangzhou HEEE by Zhenwei Zhu, Secretary of Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone
    Source:       Release Date:2020-09-18

    On the afternoon of September 15, Zhenwei Zhu, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, led a team to visit HEEE Hangzhou, accompanied by the Party and Government Office, Director Qifeng Zhao and the Director for Industrial Development, Yongzhong Wang.

     Picture | Zhenwei Zhu (second from left) reviewing the awards received by HEEE

            The General Manager of HEEE, Mr. Yifeng Shou, shared with the research delegation about the company’s development history, awards and achievements as well as what are the ongoing China domestic and international projects.

     Picture | Yifeng Shou introduces the processes of HEEE’s technologies

    Picture | Zhenwei Zhu (second from right) listening to the feedback and proposals reported by HEEE

       At the meeting, Yifeng Shou briefly introduced the latest development of HEEE, some of the ongoing agricultural, municipal and industrial projects, as well as the difficulties faced by HEEE during the current pandemic.

    During the discussion, the leaders learned more about the situation of HEEE’s production and operations. Secretary Zhu praised the achievements and accomplishments by HEEE in the field of energy and environmental protection, recognizing the ecological and environmental protection contribution by projects such as Xiaoshan kitchen waste management, Liangjiahe "fruit, swamp and livestock" agricultural recycling system and Xuzhou Guoxin’s centralized complete waste treatment system. Secretary Zhu encouraged HEEE to continue to play a pivotal leadership role so that the industry as a whole can advance to new levels.

     Picture | Zhenwei Zhu (second left) and Director Wang (first right) in a group picture with HEEE’s team

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